Leadership of UA Local 486

Together we work for the membership.
Our leadership is here for all business and industry.

Nichalas W. Cummings – Business Manager
Gary G Glab – Financial Secretary / Treasurer
Gerald W. Jackson Sr. – Assistant Business Agent
C. Ryan Ambrose  – Business Agent
Harry M Schleicher Jr. – Business Agent
Stephen M. Nitsch  – Business Agent

Todd Eckley - Recruiter
Kenneth Kahl – President
Robert Bennett Jr. – Vice President
Richard Rivera – Recording Secretary
 Kyle Brower – Inside Guard

Executive Board members
        Chris Anderson Jr., Luke Owens

Annuity Fund Trustees
      Nichalas W. Cummings, Robert Bennett Jr., Gary Glab, Andrew Gannon III

Pension Fund Trustees
      Nichalas W. Cummings, Wayne “Addie” Adkins, Gerald W. Jackson Sr, Mark Jackman

Medical Fund Trustees
      Nichalas W. Cummings, Anthony George, Eric Eckstein, Kenneth Kahl

Finance Committee
      Vince Burrall, Jeremy Smith, Kelvin Curtis

Examining Board
       Todd Eckley, Jesse Fields, David Williams

Negotiating Committee
     Nichalas W. Cummings, Gerald W. Jackson Sr., Charles Petrovia, Luther Owens

Joint Apprenticeship Training Council (JATC)
      Nichalas W. Cummings, Dave Williams, Charles Petrovia, William L. Welsh

Benevolence Fund
      Charles Petrovia, Gary Glab, Jesse Fields, Robert Bennett, Harry Schleicher Jr.,Nichalas W. Cummings