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UA Local 486 - Photo Gallery


Using UA Local 486's Photo Gallery

Please choose the selected gallery to view by clicking on a highlighted gallery. The albums are sorted with the most recent first. There are multiple pages of albums and you can use the arrows to scroll through them.

You can choose your image to view by clicking on the list of images displayed at the bottom of the window or simply scroll through them by rolling over the image and viewing the arrows on the left and right of the image and clicking through them. In the lower right hand corner are two buttons that you may want to use. The left button gives you the list of albums and the right button allows you to view the image in full screen mode.

How to Download/Order Pictures from UA Local 486's Photo Gallery

Have you ever wanted to save or order a print from a photo gallery? If so you need to visit the Picasa Gallery by clicking on the link below. Here you will see all the albums. From there, select the album with the image you wish to have. Once you've selected the image you have some options at the top. If you would like to download the image, select "Download" from the top navigation and save it to your computer. An additional feature is the option to be able to order printed copies of the image. To do this select the "Prints" header from the top menu. A drop down will appear and you will select "Order Prints". Repeat this option for as many images as you would like. Once you've ordered all the images that you would like go back to the "Prints" header and select "View Order". This will take you to a screen that allows you to order the prints from various printers. Click on the "Print Provider" from the left hand navigation and follow the steps from there. Many of you may already have accounts with popular providers such as Walgreens, Shutterfly, and Snapfish and if so you can log directly into your account to speed up the payment process.

Click on the logo to view UA Local 486's gallery: