Territorial Jurisdiction

UA Local 486 is proud to build and service
parts of Maryland, Deleware, and West Virginia.

The jurisdictional area covered by this agreement is the same territorial jurisdiction allocated to the Local Union by the United Association. The area is bound by a line beginning at the town of Beverly Beach, then in a northwesterly direction through Main Street of Laurel to the intersection with the Montgomery-Frederick county border. Then along the border southwest to the Potomac River, then northwesterly along the Potomac River to West Virginia-Virginia line. Then southwesterly along the Jefferson County border, then northwesterly to the Potomac River to the vicinity of Paw Paw, Morgan County, West Virginia. Then along the Potomac River to the western city limits of Hancock, Maryland near route 522 to the Maryland-Pennsylvania line to the Maryland-Delaware Line, then southerly along the Maryland-Delaware line to the intersection of Sussex County, Delaware, then east to the Atlantic Ocean, then southerly to include all of the Maryland counties on the eastern shore, then west to the Chesapeake Bay and any additional territories ceded to the union during the life of this agreement.